New Life Children and Parents - My apologies for missing a week with all of you.  I could give you lots of excuses, but bottom line I let this slide to the bottom of my list and here we are.  You are not the least important things on my list, ever.  Everyone of you means the world to me, especially when we still remain apart.  So hugs and snuggles and high fives and fist bumps and laughs and giggles and tears with you all.  We will be back together and we will be a better community for it.  Thank you all for being such an important part of the life of this community and an anchor in my world.

If the rumor mill hasn’t reached your ears….The children and youth are still leading worship on May 31st!  Which is pentecost Sunday.  A small group of parents and kids met via Zoom and we made some tentative plans.  The theme will be a birthday party, as this is the birthday of the Christian Church.  We have one child willing to lead the Time with Young Disciples.  We will be adding balloons to the sanctuary that Sunday. We have two youth willing to assist with whatever we need and all the creativity at our fingertips.  We want anyone, willing to participate, in whatever fashion they are comfortable with.  If you, your children or anyone has a great idea bring it on!  Contact Patty by Wednesday May 27th so we can finalize plans and prepare everything we need for Sunday’s service.

We are looking at a way to have communion together.  Our children were going to make flatbread for communion that week, and in fact had already made several batches that were in the freezer before this all happened.  We thought we could publicize the simple recipe and encourage folks to make their own flatbread and share communion with a “common” loaf made with all our hands.

We thought a slideshow of birthday celebrations might be appropriate.  We would ask all of the congregation to send in their favorite pictures of birthdays they have celebrated.  Including quarantine celebrations that have changed how such things look.

We also thought we would throw the doors wide for all of the creative folks in our midst to create some “art” related to the lectionary scripture. To create the pentecost event through different eyes.  We would encourage folks to submit videos and photos of the process as well as the product and arrange them in a virtual art gallery.

There might be puppets involved…

Please keep ideas flowing and be in contact as we finalize plans this weekend.

Peace with you my dear families; His peace I leave with you all.

For the week of May 17-23 here some things for you…


Lectionary readings

As followers of Jesus and creations of our God we are part of the body and fabric of our Church.  We are created and anointed to carry God’s word and Jesus’ teachings into the wider world so that all may be embraced in love.  What a joyful job description and charge.


Things Just for Fun

1) Create an ‘artwork’ that tells the pentecost story.  Use your imagination.  Draw, paint, sculpt.  Create with Legos, Minecraft, junk from your recycle bin; whatever.  Go wild.  Remember to video or photograph not just the finished product, but your process as well.  Send pictures and videos to Patty for a virtual art gallery as part of our May 31st service.

2) Make communion bread for May 31st using this simple recipe.

Spend some time in family memories and select some pictures of favorite birthday moments.  Share those pictures with Patty to create  a slideshow for worship on May 31st.

3) Pentecost in Legos

4) Kids tell the Pentecost Story

5) The Pentecost Story

6) Same Difference storybook

7) All are Welcome Here storybook

8) Elmo talks about birthdays

9) Birthday Celebrations Around the World

10) Celebrate music video

Patty Gould

Faith Formation Chair - New Life Presbyterian Church