Newsletters & E-notes

To receive communications from New Life, call the church office or email our Communications Collaborator and ask to be added to our mailing list. Below is what you can expect to receive if you sign up. 

NOTE: We will never sell your information and we will never send you spam or advertisements. You may opt out of our email list at any time. Our staff will never ask you for gift cards, and donations should only occur through secure channels and never to individuals. Scammers have tried to imitate church staff in the past - please reach out to the church office with ANY questionable material received for verification. 


E-Notes are distributed every other Thursday to our friends and members. The deadline for announcements or articles is the Monday before release. Send any items for distribution to


Monthly Newsletters are distributed monthly. Any articles or announcements to be included in the newsletter must be sent into the church office or to communications by the 15th of the previous month (for example: August 15th is the deadline for the September Newsletter and so on).

Latest Issue - May 2024


Community Announcements are sent out as needed. These announcements range from weather closures, funeral announcements, or special events happening at the church, like our Annual Meeting, Pancake Breakfast, or our Trunk-or-Treat events.



***If you would also like a printed copy of the News, E-Notes, and/or Bulletin mailed to you each month, email or call the office at 651-488-5581.