Middle / Senior High Sunday Mornings (11:15 am-12:15 pm)

• Youth Faith Circle:  Youth grades 6-12 are offered the option to join together in a conversation, project and topic based exploration of faith led by adult mentors.  Youth meet in the Youth Space (Fireside Room) for relaxed exploration of their developing faith and how their faith intersects with the issues and challenges of growing up in our modern world.  Expect your youth to be fed snacks during this time per their repeated requests.

Youth Group Sunday Evenings

Youth, grades 6-12, are invited to join together for fun, fellowship and faithful discussion on a variety of topics.  The group usually meets the first and third Sunday evening from 5:30 to 7:30.  Gatherings generally occur at the church with a meal provided by one of the youth families.  There are also events scheduled that include over nights and outings with transportation provided.  Special events are scheduled in advance and are available on a calendar that is posted in the atrium, on the website, in e-notes and in the newsletter. If you would like to be included on emails and updates specifically in regards to Youth Group, email us!


Confirmation is offered every other year as a retreat based time for our youth grades 7-10 to learn about the Presbyterian Church, the history of Christianity, its place in the world’s religions and to explore and grow their faith in preparation for claiming their membership in the church.  The next Confirmation class is tentatively scheduled to begin in October of 2020.

Pumpkin Patch/Mission Trip

Each October or our church sells pumpkins. The pumpkins arrive in early October from New Mexico. We sell pumpkins and host pumpkin parties until the pumpkins are gone. Proceeds from pumpkin sales fund Youth Mission Trips where we learn how others live and practice living in service. We've been to North Carolina, New York, Texas, West Virginia, Pine Ridge, and Detroit.

Pumpkin unloading photo