New Life Children and Parents: 

Welcome to new days and new ways.  For the duration of this time of change I will be trying to regularly post a few things for our Young Disciples and their parents to experience, share and discuss each week.  This is not homework, this is just a chance to gather together if your family is so moved.  Over the next few weeks as routines begin to be established and we settle into things; I hope to have conversation with and create some additional experiences to share.  I am open to the possibility of virtual classes, story time, movie watching together, games and anything else we can create to keep us connected, close and growing together.

For the week of March 22-28 here some things for you...

Lectionary reading: Ephesians 5:8-14

We are God's light in the world and we have a duty to shine so others can find their way to God's light.

This Little Light of Mine Music Video

When God Made Light - Story book

God Loves Me - Music Video

I've Got the Light of God in Me - Music Video

The power of Light - Science project Solar Updraft Tower

Games to play in the dark - ideas resource


Some resources related to our current new way of doing things

Washing Hands - music video

Talking to kids about germs - ideas resource

The Harbor - Video


Best advice from lots of 'experts'

- Answer children's questions honestly, but you don't have to go into a great deal of detail.  If your child wants to know more they will ask.

- Don't try to do it all at once.  If you exhaust all of your resources in the first few days, the remaining weeks will be much harder.  Put aside some special toys, puzzles, books, snacks and projects.  Add a new item every week or so.  Feel free to put away old items so that you can reintroduce them in the future.

-You do not need to entertain your children 24/7.  It is OK if they get bored - this will encourage them to use their imaginations and to problem solve for themselves.

- Develop a routine and stick with it.  You and your children need a schedule and a routine to normalize this time and to make things more predictable.  Get up at a regular hour, have meals at regular times, do chores together, do school work M-F, but don't do it for 6 hours straight.  Fifteen to thirty minutes at time should be more than enough.  Break up study sessions with activities, stories, games, naps, walks.  If you have a partner at home try to rotate working schedules so one can work while the other does kid duty.  If it's just you then use your schedule to have time where the kids are expected to be independent so you can work.  It won't always work, but the more you do this the more normal it becomes.  Don't forget to have a full family time at some point in your day.  Don't spend every day in your pajamas, but maybe on Saturdays this is OK.

- Slack a little on order and neatness.  If you build a blanket fort, let it stay up for a few days until your kids get tired of it.  If you do a project that will take a few days to complete, leave the materials out until you are done.  If you create a box house, decorate it, leave it out and let them play until it's flattened.  This time is not about perfection in the home, it's about living together and the kids need a voice in what happens.

- Encourage the whole family to keep a diary of these days.  Write it, film it, draw it, sing it, whatever medium works for you.  This is history in the making and will shape our lives for a long time to come.  When things are back to normal store your diary somewhere safe, making copies for each family member.  These will be important memories in the future.

For now my dear families, peace be with you all.