New Life Children and Parents - Well things continue to be strange in our lives.  Today the governor announced that schools will remain closed for the rest of this year.  That means we will continue to learn and interact across the internet for a while longer.  We also do not know what this will mean for the summer or for school next fall.  As with all of this, we are taking it one step at time.  We continue to care for one another by socializing distantly, wearing masks when we go out and remembering that God is with us through all of this.  We continue to look for opportunities to be with each other and to celebrate all the things that are still happening in our lives.  So, I am inviting everyone to put on their thinking caps, to wander outside the box, to innovate, to create and to dare greatly in this brave new world.  Please take a look at the information below and join in crafting something special for our whole New Life community.  Peace with you my dear families.

For the week of April 20-26 here some things for you...

Lectionary readings


We, as resurrection people, have renewed our ministry with the wider world following Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  At this time, his disciples began their independent ministries in communities around the world to bring to others the story of Jesus, his sacrifice and the love of God for all his people.  These readings remind us of God’s promises and our commitment to walk in Jesus’ footsteps.

Here is Fun activity

It’s Party Time

Not long ago our children had started to learn about all the elements that make up Sunday morning worship and how each of us has the ability to participate, meaningfully, in our worship time.  We spent time talking about the church calendar and the seasons of the church.  We made bread together to help us celebrate communion.  Our children were going to lead worship on May 30, Pentecost Sunday.  We had just started talking about the fact that this event marked the birth of the Christian church and we began planning a very special Birthday party to help us celebrate.  And then things changed...

We have been away from our church building for weeks now and our time together has not happened.  But, we are still moving toward Pentecost Sunday and while much has changed, I think it is still possible for our children to create and offer a very special worship experience.

So I am inviting all of our children and families to put our heads together and come up with a special offering for Pentecost.  The children had planned to have a birthday cake on the offering table, to decorate with balloons and special liturgical art.  They had made flatbread to let us celebrate communion together.  And they were getting ready to learn how to be worship leaders.  I think we can still make this special celebration happen, even if it ends up looking a little different than we had planned.

Can we please check our family calendars and find a day and time to meet over Zoom?  Let’s join together and make something special.  I don’t know what it will be, but that is what makes this a little risky and very exciting.  

Please contact me and let’s set a time to meet up.  Once we settle on a day and time I will get a Zoom meeting set up through the church office and communicate that to everyone. We don’t have a lot of time so we need to work fast!


Patty Gould

Faith Formation Chair - New Life Presbyterian Church