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Planting Seeds of Hope Community Garden
Sponsored by New Life Presbyterian Church
Gardener Agreement 2019
Rules, Terms and Conditions

Rules and Conditions for Participation
I will abide by the following rules and conditions:

1. The Garden Coordinating Committee (GCC) governs the Planting Seeds of Hope Community Garden, in coordination with New Life Presbyterian Church and its Corporation Committee. The garden’s continued operation and its operating policies and procedures will be subject to an annual review by these entities. 

2. I will use this garden at the sole discretion of the Planting Seeds of Hope Community Garden and agree to abide by its policies and procedures. I will notify the coordinating committee of any changes in my contact information. I will not transfer or sublet my plot to another person.

3. The non-refundable fee for each garden plot is $32.00 per season for the use of the plot and water. The 2016 per capita fee is $12.00. Per capita fees will be assessed to cover costs associated with the garden, such as compost delivery charges and tiller rental ($2 and $8 per plot, respectively, in 2015).

4. The gardening season runs from April 1 – October 31. The garden will be open from dawn to dusk each day through the season.

5. As a returning gardener, I will have first preference for my plot the following year. I will have no more than 2 plots per year. If I adopt an abandoned plot during the season, I will relinquish it the following year. 

6. I will cultivate and plant at least half of my assigned plot by May 31. If my plot is left fallow or unused for any period of three weeks or longer, it may be assigned to another gardener.

7. Most plots in the community garden are 12’ x 16’ (a couple are 12’ x 12’). I will not extend my plot beyond its original measurement. I will keep all my garden plants within these limits and will not allow any plants to grow more than approximately six feet tall. To the best of my ability, I will keep my plot free of weeds, pests, disease. I will plant only annuals. I will not plant any illegal plants. 

8. I will keep my plot, its borders, the paths and surrounding areas clean and neat. I will place dead plants, leaves and other green waste plant parts waste off site. Anything I bring from home I will return to home. I will not bring household trash and dispose of it at this community garden.

9. At the end of the season, I will remove all structures and plant material from my plot and rake the soil to a level smoothness, ready for spring tilling.

10. I will not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs or gamble in the garden.  I will not come to the garden while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. I will not bring weapons, pets or other animals to the garden.

11. All guests and visitors may enter the garden only if I accompany them, unless I have notified the gardening coordinating committee that others will be caring for my garden in my absence. They must follow all rules and conditions stated here. I will supervise my children at all times when they are in the garden, and I am solely responsible for the behavior of my guests.

12. I will devote at least one hour per month toward general garden chores as prescribed by the Garden Coordinating Committee. These chores may include planting and weeding of the flower beds surrounding the garden, trimming grass along the fence line and raised beds, and helping to control garden pests in the common areas, as well as participating in spring and fall garden work days. I will track my time spent on general garden chores and report them to the Garden Coordinating Committee.

13. I will restrict hose watering to 30 minutes per plot, per day. I will not leave my plot unattended while I am watering, and I will be considerate of other gardeners who may be waiting to use the hoses.

14. I will attend the regular community garden meetings. 

15. I will not apply any pesticides or herbicides.

16. I will use only fertilizers permitted by the Garden Coordinating Committee. 

17. I will not take plants or food from other gardeners’ plots. I will not take anything from the garden that is not rightfully mine.

18. I will respect other gardeners, and I will not use abusive or profane language or discriminate against others.

19. I will work to keep the garden a happy, secure, and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner.

20. I will secure the perimeter fence before I leave the garden.

21. I will park in the church parking lots, not on Chatsworth or Larpenteur. 

22. I forfeit my right to sue the owner of the property.

Consequences of Violation of Rules, Terms, and Conditions
The breaking of any rules, terms and or conditions of this agreement is cause for exclusion from the garden and loss of my plot.

  1. I will receive one warning (either verbal or via email) from Garden Coordinating Committee members (first notice).
  2. If no correction or response is made, I will receive written notice two to three weeks later (second notice).
  3. If no response/correction has been made two weeks following the written notice, I will receive final notification that I have forfeited my gardening privileges and plot (third and final notice).
  4. I will be allowed to reapply for another plot only after one year, and only if approved by the Garden Coordinating Committee.

I have read and understand this agreement and accept the rules, terms and conditions stated above for participation in the Planting Seeds of Hope Community Garden.   

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