Garden Coordinators

The community garden is in it’s 10th summer and is a vital mix of people from all over our surrounding community. We host church members, Kenyan church members, Immigrant gardeners, and young and old people. Some of us are church members but many of us are not. The community garden has volunteer opportunities that are PERFECT FOR YOU! Share your talent and “grow new talents”! 

- Coordinate clean up days. - Coordinate clean up days. 
(1x per month, 8:45am-11:15am, Saturdays)
A church person to host monthly garden clean up days. Work with 2 garden coordinators, who will lead cleaning and hauling to the compost at 10:45am. No experience is required. Introduce and serve as a connecting point to our community. 
Sign up at Signup Genius or in the atrium following worship this Sunday. 

- Coordinate the food shelf ministry.
(4-months, 1-2x per week) 
Every year, the garden delivers 100s of pounds of fresh produce to the local food shelf in Roseville. We need volunteers to lead this effort. The garden community will help support weeding and watering working with you. 
Plant food-shelf friendly foods (mostly from seed) 
Water plants
Deliver the produce to our local food shelf.

- Coordinate the immigrant community ministry
(4-months, 1-2x per week) 
We partner with and support families within our immigrant communities who rely on the garden for their fresh produce. Phone calls, emails and face-to-face communication is important. No prior experience or language skills necessary. Bonus points if you speak Nepali. 

- Annual Garden Coordination.
(meet 2x per year, send emails from home 1x per month for 6 months) 
Are you interested in helping plan the garden? We need planners to: 

- Coordinate the sign-up of gardeners in the spring via email
- Update the gardener agreement form on Google Docs
- Update the garden plot map Google Docs
- Set up the schedule for the summer Google
- Send the kick off email announcement the second weekend in April
- Send email communication as needed to gardeners
- Coordinate the potluck
- Coordinate leadership meetings

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