New Life Children and Parents - Spring seems to have arrived and it plans to stay.  Walking around my neighborhood I have spotted trees with new leaves, cherry blossoms, a few brave flowers poking up their heads and people outside preparing gardens and flower beds for this new season.  This is spring, our season of rebirth and reawakening.  As Pastor Riz pointed out last Sunday this is the season of Easter; our season of resurrection.  Easter for us is not just a day; it is a way of life.  While we never forget the sacrifice Jesus made for us; our cross stands empty, our tomb is empty because Jesus is not in these places.  He walks beside us on our road, he sits at our table and breaks bread with us, he promises to care for us and love us forever.  As his people we make the same promises to all of our brothers and sisters; our world wide family.  We walk with our resurrected Christ to care for those in need, to give happiness, joy and comfort where we can, to fight against injustice and to never accept our gain over someone else’s pain and loss.  Jesus has prepared us for these Easter days and I for one revel in what this season brings.  I challenge you this week to live as an Easter disciple.  Do something to remind others that Jesus’ sacrifice was made so love would rule our world.

Peace with you my dear families; His peace I leave with you all.

For the week of April 27- May 3 here some things for you...

Lectionary readings

We, as resurrection people, have renewed our ministry with the wider world following Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  At this time, his disciples began their independent ministries in communities around the world to bring to others the story of Jesus, his sacrifice and the love of God for all his people.  These readings remind us of God’s promises and our commitment to walk in Jesus’ footsteps.


Things Just for Fun


It’s Party Time

Children, Parents, friends of New Life Faith Development we need your ideas, creativity and enthusiasm!

The children will be leading our worship on Pentecost Sunday, May 30th.  This has been our plan all year, but with current events we weren’t sure if this would still work.  We have decided to go ahead with our plans, but adapt to our new way of doing church.

We will be gathering at 7:00pm on Wednesday, May 6th, via Zoom. If you have questions or if you can’t join that day, but would like to participate, please drop us a note.

Patty Gould

Faith Formation Chair - New Life Presbyterian Church