Holy Hammers 2020

The Holy Hammers build will proceed in 2020 but with significant changes to deal with the health risks of COVID-19. Registration is now open. For those of you who would consider volunteering, here are the key points you may want to know regarding the site and the safety precautions:

+ 588-590 Wells in St. Paul (near 2019 site), working with Terra Lumley as site supervisor, assisted by Shan as Americorps worker.

+ 8 Weeks starting Mon., July 13 through Friday Sept. 4. No more than 8 volunteers per day.

+ Hours:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm (limited hours to allow time for special cleaning before and after volunteers are working. Volunteers should not arrive early!)

+ Project:  Twin houses (1 building), 2 stories (similar to 2019 build).  Site will be capped, so we will be doing framing. (Don't worry if you have not done that before. Terra can help.)

+ Requirements: Everyone must wear protective masks.  (You are encouraged to bring your own cloth mask if you have one but TCHFH will provide one if you don't have your own. Disposable gloves will be provided. You can wear your own work gloves.) Frequent hand washing and sanitation is encouraged. Volunteers are asked to maintain social distancing on site when possible.

+ Bring your own bag lunch and snacks.

+ Workers must sign up in advance on Volunteer Hub. That system will limit the number to 8 each day. This will be an open signup to all Holy Hammers congregations. There will not be assignment of particular congregations to particular weeks. Signup for a particular day will be on a first come basis. I would encourage you to coordinate with each other and try to sign up for the same days.

+ Each volunteer must watch a safety orientation video before signing up. The Volunteer Hub system will require you to answer a question about whether you have watched the video and to agree to a new, modified liability waiver.

You can view the safety orientation video HERE.

You can log in to Volunteer Hub and register HERE.

Thank you for your past support of the important work of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity through the Holy Hammers coalition and we hope that, if you feel comfortable doing so, you will volunteer for one or more days on the 2020 build.