Children and Families

The Children and Family Ministries program at New Life Presbyterian is dedicated to encouraging questions of faith and nurturing them in all of our members, even the littlest! Through education, fellowship, and worship, the Children and Family Ministries program provides opportunities for children and their parents to interact and grow in faith together.

We agree with Jamie Bruesehoff's "Dear Parents With Young Children in Church":
"You are doing something really, really important. I know it's not easy. I see you with your arms overflowing, and I know you came to church already tired. Parenting is tiring. Really tiring..." Read more

Our Sunday morning Sunday School program has classes for children PreK through 12th grade.
All grades meet after worship at 11:15 am.ย 
Classes are broken out as follows:
1st & 2nd grade
3rd & 4th grade
5th & 6th grade
7th-12th grade